Friday, 30 September 2011

Audi A6 2012, Up For The Challenge

All new Audi A6 is ready for its launch on 3rd August 2011. Finally, it’s at the doorstep from where its journey towards success will start. The leading carmaker Audi has set all of its notations to get the buffs techno addicted. So, all the preparations have been done by its makers and all of them have cleared their decks to eat into the whole contending segment. They have selected to Gurgaon, New Delhi to make the most of its launch in front of leading newscasters. In the month of June, Audi’s production gets started with all ease at the company’s Aurangabad manufacturing plant. Audi India has taken this car via CKD routes which got assembled in Maharashtra.

Audi A6 2012 is one of the cars; you want to keep living with. And to make it so, its expert-hands have given their best and restless efforts and everything which requires making it next-to-best in any concern. Now the daydream of having techno-cocoon of Indian customers is coming to true as they can enjoy both of its petrol and diesel versions that are already being enjoyed in overseas market. Audi is the part of Volkswagen Group and that’s well known for parts sharing across its range. So, there is no doubt about what the Audi A6 is and also that it’ll very well mechanize with all dexterity.

All new Audi A6 is fitted with 2.0 liter TDI diesel power-train that’s performance has already been availed by Audi Q5 crossover. Among others, this power-train is very well known for its incomparable fuel efficiency. Also one of the most popular 3.0 TDI diesel power-train will be on offer with Audi’s patent Quattro four-wheel drive system that will empower the cars with all of its excellence. As the story goes, 2.0 liter TDI engine is strong enough to churn out the power of 175 BHP and 3.0L TFSI V6 petrol powerhouse is the one that also illustrates the finest mechanism in Audi range. It complies with turbocharged setup and dexterous to generate the maximum power by consuming less fuel about 10% to 15% for good fuel escalation during performance.

In New Audi A6, 2.8 liter, naturally aspirated version, is also set to debut for better performance. On selected models Quattro Four-Wheel Drive System will also be offered while seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox transmission system will be fitted as standard feature across Audi range except its base variant. The base 2.0 TDI will incorporate with six-speed manual transmission system and is expected to be game-changer for new Audi.

Apart from that, 2012 Audi A6 will also unveil its hybrid-electric version that’ll share its engine with its sibling Audi Q5 Hybrid. To make the best of fuel efficiency, its experienced-hands have made their determined efforts to reduce the car’s overall weight and now it’s being embodied with 80 Kg lighter weight than its previous version.

So, be ready to make the quality surrounds you with all new Audi A6. It will complete your sense of identity. Excited?

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