Monday, 14 November 2011

Maruti Swift verses Volkswagen Polo

Just a while ago Maruti has made major changes to its Swift and launched New Swift against new-age mushroomed rivals like Chevrolet Beat, Ford Figo, Tata New Indica Vista, Hyundai i10, etc. Among them Volkswagen Polo is in great demand and having good approach to customer’s yearning. In present, as concern to competence, both of them are standing in front of each other and try their hardest to overturn each other. So, it’s must to have knowledge about their differences so that a genuine decision can be taken that which one is best to buy.

Touching to Facts of Performance

Both of them are available in demanded fuel options i.e. diesel and petrol. Swift Diesel is having the packaging of 1.3 liter DDiS engine that can generate the maximum power and torque of 75 PS at 4000 rpm and 190 NM at 2000 rpm whereas Swift Petrol Engine is recently been revised with more filtration so that it can be economic in fuel consumption. 1.2 liter K-Series engine with VVT technology is been fitted to it and can generate the maximum power of 87 PS at 6000 rpm and the torque of 114 NM at 4000 rpm.

Comparatively, Volkswagen Polo Diesel has the engine of 1.2 liter along with 3-Cylinder technology. And it can have the maximum outcome of 75 PS at 4200 rpm and 180 NM at 2000 rpm. While, Polo Petrol Engine has the engagement of equally powered 1.2 Liter 3-Cylinder and in-Line packaging so that it can generate the responsive power and torque of 75 PS at 5400 rpm and 110 NM at 3750. Also, to add more aggression in performance there is one more option has been introduced by Volkswagen’s expert i.e. 1.6 liter of petrol engine.

But for adequacy, if we compare all of them except 1.6 liter Polo Petrol then New Swift is good at this extent.

Touching to Facts of Prices

Maruti New Swift Prices are been fixed on the bracket of Rs. 4,22,341 to Rs.6,37,903 whereas the Polo Prices are been tied up the tags of Rs. 4, 57,000 to the tags of Rs.7, 06,200. Comparatively, Polo prices are expensive than Swift so we can say that including performance, it’s also good at reasonability.

Touching to Facts of Fuel Economy

As concern to the lasting of pocket burden, Swift Diesel Mileage has the best output of 19.5 km/l and 14.5 km/l over city-roads whereas Swift Petrol Mileage is of 17.5 km/l on highways and 13.5 km/l on the roads of jam-packed city-roads.

Polo Diesel Mileage is been admiring by the customers for the figures of 15.5 km/l on city-roads and 21 km/l on freeways and the mileage of Polo Petrol is been coming with the maximum output of 17 km/l on highways and 12.5 km/l on urban-roads.

At Last

Maruti Swift is having the extent of best buy as compared to Volkswagen Polo because it has both of the essential aspects of price economy and fuel optimization. Also, its worthiness has strongly been backed by good resale value.

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