Monday, 12 December 2011

HM Ambassador sedan launched with three variants in Bangladesh

The all time legendary four door sedan from Indian automobile maker Hindustan Motors, the classic Ambassador, which has been serving the automotive sector in India since 1958 will now be launched in Bangladesh.

Ambassador that might not possess the same charisma among the car buyers in the nation, but it still holds decent demand in the neighboring country’s auto market. Bangladesh’s Intraco Motors Limited, which is a corporate house serving the country since its independence in various fields including auto sector, has joint hands with Hindustan Motors for marketing and sales of Ambassador in the nation.

There will be three variants of Ambassador that will be shipped to Bangladesh namely diesel, petrol and CNG.

Mr. Dilip Barua, the Honorable Minister for Industries in Bangladesh was in the City hotel for the inauguration of Ambassador, and he said that as a representative of the central government he would like to welcome Hindustan Motors in the country and ensure maximum support in the development. Along with that he would like to invite more Indian automobile companies in the country in near future, he added.

Ambassador with CNG variant comes loaded with a 1.8L power-train with air-conditioner kept as standard choice and the same configuration applies for the petrol variant. On the other hand, the diesel variant will be powered by a 1.3L engine along with air-conditioner.
The inauguration witnessed some famous personalities from political and corporate fields such as Indian commissioner in Dhaka Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharya, Senior Vice President of FBCCI (Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Mr. M Jashim Uddin along with Mr. Manoj Jha, the Managing Director of Hindustan Motors.

In the days to come, Hindustan Motors intends to establish a production unit in alliance with Intraco Motors Limited.

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