Monday, 3 October 2011

New Chevrolet Beat Diesel

The latest market trends are seem to be diesel dominated. Recent launch Chevrolet Beat Diesel has also stepped down as prevailing car in Indian shores. Chevrolet India has claimed that its 1.0 liter XSDE SMARTECH engine is the smallest diesel engine that has ever been developed at any research and development centre across country. Customers who were planning to own a car as their daydream also get delighted with its launch and also General Motors have had their warmth moments.

There is an interesting tale behind the smartness of Chevrolet Beat Diesel. Its experts have worked hard over its diesel mechanism to make it active so that it can hold this diesel avatar. It’s also having comfortable occupancy which makes you feel at home also in slow-moving traffic. Its vibrations and noise free driving makes you feel the investment get paid off. In high gear its small engine strolling around with rev counter needle that gravitates above 1000 rpm. Onwards the motion this needle touches the mark of 1600 rpm which makes the engine adequate to perform well. Its powerbrand stretches up to 3500 rpm and the ratio of short gear, specifically first and second, elevates to 15.29 Kgm of torque for high-flown city drive.

In its third gear Beat reaches up to run of 80 km/h in respective 14.1 seconds which is remarkably more than its petrol version which takes almost 15.9 seconds to reach their. And in fourth gear it could be on punchy speed of 100 km/h in just 16.48 seconds.

For overall performance of Beat Diesel we can say that all of its shortcomings get overshadowed by its fuel efficiency that really seems as icing on cake. Company has claimed its best mileage of 24 km/l on highways but on concrete ground of performance it’s delivering less than it. However, it’s still fuel efficient than any of other cars.

Apart from the fact of new mechanism, new Beat is good at performance with its most comfortable occupancy. If you are on highway and run to cover long distance then also you feel restful with its better fuel economy. To make you delighted with its quality ride, General Motors’s experts have fitted it with hydraulic steering system with the delicacy of electrically powered steering. Stepping inside, its spacious cabin breezes the pleasure to your senses with its quality upholstery. And its price range that starts from Rs 4.29 lakh and ends to Rs 4.99 lakh could get new Beat the most affordable diesel hatchback in domestic market. Enjoy!

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