Monday, 17 October 2011

Chevrolet Spark is available with sliced price tag of INRs 2.69 lakh!

For actual buyers, Chevrolet Spark is available with exclusive offers at company’s retail outlets. Its earlier growth was driven by clear change of attitude among buyers and for now company has planned something aloof for them. For this time, the business minds of General Motors wants their customers to be feel privileged with new trims of offers, discounts and freebees. Businessmen, self-employed and salaried people are included into the list of their actual buyers and are profiled from numerous aspects like rising company profits and salaries, real states profiled markets, and also readily available finance.

In India, festive season has just started but it seems like that the auto making companies are best prepared by this time in surge of demands. So, to copy the good statistics of sales that has been registered by Chevrolet Spark, new trimmed price of INR 2.69 lakh is fixed to it. Currently, it’s deriving much better than its unlikely rival Maruti Alto as its fitments are qualitywise and also in technology a step ahead. Also, it’s more spacious and has more dynamic mechanism with 1.0 liter engine. The maintenance cost of Spark is also low but despite of having all goodies, Maruti Alto is being outsold every month than it.

So, to set high the streets of the country with the spark of its performance, General Motors is selling 250 units of Chevrolet Spark at trimmed price tag of Rs 2.69 at Pune. Because of this, in the segment of petrol hatchbacks, nowadays it becomes best-buying petrol car. So, if you’re seriously looking to buy entry level petrol hatchback then you should consider at once for it. It’s delivering good figures of mileage i.e. 18 km/l.

In Chevrolet Spark you find everything to which you feel must to have. Its spacious cabin carries the pleasure of effective air conditioning system and for ease of driving power steering is there. Also, it’s having outer rear view mirror to which you can adjust from inside with internal adjustment knobs. Because of this cost slicing measure, the best model of Spark 1.0 is comes equal to its base variant. As to acquire huge ground of responses which is also must to it, the business professionals of Chevrolet India has taken their best foot forward by the means of this discounted price bracket. And as an immediate response they have received huge demands of this little car.

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